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Subject: Revolutionary drug for prostate cancer

Category: Hot News

The Times told us that "Precision pill olaparib could help thousands of men with prostate cancer," and the Mail announced, "Hope for thousands of prostate cancer sufferers as trial finds a precision drug can help incurable patients live almost four months longer." Funded by the Prostate Research Centre, Dr Harveer Dev is developing a radical new tool to address why some men with prostate cancer respond to DNA damaging drugs like olaparib and some don’t. Using prostate cancer cells donated by patients, Harveer will create ProCASP, which will be used in the lab to sharpen our understanding of a whole set of drugs which target DNA repair pathways inside a cancer cell, and help doctors identify which therapy will work best for which patient in the clinic. - ProCASP will be used to change DNA in prostate cancer cells. Then, the researchers can see which genetic changes help these drugs kill cancer, and which changes stop them from working. This research will help us find patterns in DNA that can be used to identify patients who will benefit from treatments like olaparib and even radiation which works by attacking cancer DNA.

Source: Prostate Cancer Research Centre