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Prostate Cancer - Organisations

There are many charitable organisations both national and regional that offer support for patients & families, raise awareness and conduct medical research. As a visitor to this website, you may have have concerns about your own wellbeing.

Somerset Prostate Support Association is your regional support group. The association's aims are to raise awareness and the importance of early detection of prostate cancer.

My PSA Tests: An organisation run by the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust that encourages regional support groups to sponsor local PSA testing events.

Prostate Cancer Research: the only prostate cancer charity that focuses solely on the advanced stage of the disease, that causes the majority of prostate cancer deaths and for which treatments are limited.

Prostate Cancer UK's top priority is to stop prostate cancer killing men. They are funding research to find better treatments & better tests that can be used in a screening programme to save thousands of lives.

Tackle Prostate Cancer is an organisation that supports patients and their families and works closely with regional UK support groups. It endeavours to raise awareness of prostate cancer and improve the wellbeing of patients.

Cancer Research UK one of the world's largest charities dedicated to saving lives through research. Their vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured by funding the research of world class scientists.