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No. 1105533

Sponsoring PSA Testing

In the absence of a National Screening programme for Prostate Cancer, organisations, clubs, companies or public bodies in Somerset are encouraged to sponsor a Prostate Cancer testing event either for their members or employees. Clearly, like many cancers, prostate Cancer not only affects the man but his family too. The earlier we can catch this disease, the more chance a man has of surviving. SPSA will act as the facilitators for such tests and the online booking of attendees.

In the past few years the SPSA has conducted a number of number of discrete testing events within the county mostly funded by organisations for their members. In 2019 XXXX sponsored the first public event was held in Taunton and this was attended by XXX men.

In planning for the future we invite clubs, companies and other organisations to sponsor a testing event.

To Sponsor an Event

  • Donate around £25 per head
  • Provide or arrange a venue
  • Promote the event (if solely for members or employees)

SPSA Responsibilities

  • Provide Online Booking System
  • Provide Phlebotomists
  • Arrange for samples to be tested
  • Arrange the reporting of results
  • Promote the event (if for general public)

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