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Subject: Prostate Cancer and Transgender Women

Category: Prostate Cancer News

Prostate cancer is reported as the most common cancer in UK males. However, there is very little research on prostate cancer in trans women. The available research suggests several things:

Trans women have a prostate gland, but it is often neglected

  • It is easy to forget about something that has never caused you any trouble! Doctors can be nervous or anxious about talking to trans women about their prostate, and sometimes trans women don’t know about their prostate. If you experience any new symptoms (see below) that you think might relate to your prostate, see your healthcare professional for advice.

Trans women who have had lifelong lower T levels appear to have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

  • Research in trans women with prostate cancer does show that most cases have been diagnosed in those who began gender-affirming hormones in later life. Therefore, if you started hormones earlier in life, and thus had lower T levels for longer, you appear to be at lower risk of prostate cancer. 
  • Like most trans healthcare research, the evidence is scant, and you should always see your healthcare provider if you are concerned about any aspect of your health. 
  • Evidence from a 2016 study showed no relationship between testosterone levels and prostate cancer risk.
  • Gender-affirming hormones do not eliminate your risk of prostate cancer.

Trans women who start HRT later in life should consider prostate screening in the same way that cis men should

  • If you still have a prostate, you should always be aware of the risk of cancer and see your healthcare provider if you have any symptoms of prostate cancer or concerns about your health generally.
  • Your risk of prostate cancer increases with age, regardless of your hormone profile.

Source: GenderGP


Subject: Moving Forward for Men - Planning Morning

Category: New Treatments

If you are a man living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis, you are invited to attend a half day Moving Forward for Men planning morning at Stokehill on Wednesday 16th September at 10.00 a.m. to contribute your ideas about this new course*.


Source: Stokehill


Subject: Raising Funds for Prostate Cancer research

Category: Prostate Cancer News

Michael Sharpe, a trustee of Somerset Prostate Support Association, will be cycling 46 miles on Sunday 16th August to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Research. An active 75-year-old, he was originally booked to take part in RideLondon 46, but this was cancelled. Instead, the ride will be through the Somerset Levels.

Michael is also an Ambassador for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre and captain of Taunton Running Club.

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Source: SPSA